Free calls!


Users of googles chat application “Hangouts” can now make free calls to other hangouts users on any platform! Enjoy.


Lync Presence & Chat Widget

Venturing into Lync plugins. There is a few kicking about. Are you using any presently?

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While running my research earlier this morning, I manage to stumble across a very interesting widget – a Presence and Chat widget which can be published through a normal Web Services.

I’ve not personally tried this yet but feel free to visit the site to download and try it out Lync Presence and Chat Widget

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New chrome redesign for android


The new Google chrome redesign for android is very slick. The round corners have been replaced with the materialistic straight lines, the menu now cascades, and generally sharper. They’ve also spaced out the address buttons. There didnt seem to be any noticeable changes when using chromecast. I’d recommend hitting up the play store and upgrading if you haven’t done so already.

Happy browsing!

The most handy shortcut is back!

OneNote introduced a handy shortcut “WindowsKEY+S” which activated the snipped tool so you can take little snippets of your screen, and paste anywhere – outlook, gmail, word….  I now can not live without this shortcut, its just so handy! No more “Screenshot, open paint, crop, save as jpeg, etc etc”. 

When Windows 8.1 update came about WindowsKEY+S changed to “Windows search”… ARRGGHH!!!!! Its gone. There were some regkey edits you could do, and I soon had “WindowsKEY+A” as my new snippet shortcut. However with the latest updated of WIndows/office the native snippet too is back, “WindowsKEY+Shift+S”. Welcome back !



Thank-you Microsoft!