Check out “Pixel Battery Saver”

A very clever app that turns off your pixels to save your battery. Claims some amoled screen won’t work, however both devices seemed to work. Enjoy Continue reading


Prepaid, the state of play

What seems like years ago now I joined up to an excellent mobile service called “Kogan Mobile”. For those that remember, this was a 5gb unlimited no frills plan for around $40/m. Kogan shook up the market and Telstra along with it. This mobile disruption was well overdue and 10s of thousands flocked to change over to the news service. Finally I had the freedom to use my android smart phone to the fullest. At the time I caught 1.5hrs of public transport to and from work and I felt I could finally flex my data – YouTube, Spotify, streaming anime & tv shows…. Life was grand. Then, as far as I know (who knows what really went down), Telstra kicked up a stink and threw Kogan and its customers into a legal loophole that shut down the service. Now that’s not why we are here, what I wish to discuss with you is what happen post-Kogan, what’s available*, or I should say “Not available”, in the this pre-paid void.

*Pre-Paid Comparison chart included.

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