Prepaid – updated comparison chart

Data sessions

I’ve had heaps of requests to check a few other networks, so please find below the updated chart.

Since the last report [see State of play] I’ve moved to Vodafone, and my wife to Telstra. I can report that the data sessions are indeed correctly advertised “As you go 1kb/session”. I now have my data back on check and all is well in the pre-paid world…. for now.

If you have any stories, please send them through, or leave a comment. Thankyou

Network Carrier Data session Plan Data Calls Call rate SMS Costs Auto top-up* Expiry
Optus Optus 1mb monthly 2-5gb unlimited na unlimited $45/2gb $60/5gb unknown 45days
Aldi Telstra 3g 1mb XL 1gb 1250 min 10c/min 2200 35 +$10 extra 1gb YES 30days
Telstra Telstra 4g As you go Freedom 600mb-800mb $500-$1000 89c/m 29c/sms $40/600mb $50/800mb yes 28days
Vodafone Vodafone 4g As you go 40 1gb 750 90c/m unlimited $40/m yes 28days
Virgin Vodafone 4g As you go 49 1gb $900 +$50bonus 90c/m 25c/sms $49/month unknown 1month
Lebara Vodafone 1mb Unlimited 2gb Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 49.9 YES 30days
Yatango Optus 3g 1mb Limitless 1gb-10gb unlimited na unlimited $93 – 5gb unknown 1month
Asaysim Optus 3g 1mb Unlimited 5gb Unlimited na Unlimited 44.9 unknown 1month
Boost Telstra 3g 1mb UNLTD 2gb Unlimited na Unlimited $40/month Yes 30days
Jeenee Optus 3g As you go $35SIM PACK 3GB 650 2.15/ 2mins unlimited $35/month    
Hello Mobile Vodafone 1mb Social Max 4gb 250mins na unlimited $ unknown 30days

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