Productivity Tips – Lync IM through Outlook


Over time I’ll be expanding on more productivity tips with applications, processes and my own findings. Today I wanted to show you a little trick that is great when transitioning your workforce from “Emails for everything message” to using Microsoft Lync.

Our company recently made the switch to Microsoft Lync for our Unified Communications. I have been using it to keep in contact with my colleagues around Australia, and recently started using it for Lync Meetings – Whiteboard, video, and power point presentations. If you haven’t used Lync the application can bring together video conferencing, telephone, messaging, chat rooms (persistent chat), in a single enterprise solution.

If you are using Lync 2010/2013 with Outlook 2010/2013, Lync adds a level of intergration to increase your productivity in other applications. This tip will help with clearing out the inbox with unnecessary email trails, and also assists with replying back important info fast. The idea here is to use Lync in Outlook to reply with basic requests such as:

      • Thanking someone
      • Quick yes/no when the recipient doesn’t need to actually “do” anything further
      • To spark an instant conversation/meeting rather than waiting for the response

The Tips:

Is the person available on Lync right now?: 

Note that the availability status of that person is available next to their name in outlook. In this example, Rahul is available (Green), Adam is busy (red).


Reply back to an email using IM:

To help with the transition and to get you used to this method more, there is a “Reply by IM” button which can be found in the ribbon. So if I wanted to reply straight away to Adam I could do it straight from outlook.

      1. Click “IM” in the respond tab in the ribbon.


      1. Choose to reply to the sender, or reply to all (which includes CC’ed people in your Lync network)


      1. Which will then open up a dialogue box using Lync, with the Subject line in the title.


Happy messaging!


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