Jabra Supreme UC – Hardware review

I recently upgrade my Lync office headset to the Jabra Supreme UC. I had a few reasons to upgrade but the main reason was that I tele-work and I wanted to have the same high quality phone experience wherever I worked – in the home office, on the road or in the Brisbane office.


In the box

The Jabra Supreme UC, Micro-usb, wall charger, car charger, case, and a range of comfort accessories to fit your lobes correctly. The ones out the of the box worked fine and after a few minutes it doesn’t even feel like it’s on, very light.


I picked up a new unit from simply headsets for $149 , which for the feature set I find very reasonable.


I’m currently running a diverted work number to my Skype number and running Windows 8.1 on the office PC and Laptop and a Nexus 4 mobile. The Jabra Supreme has two Bluetooth channels, so I have the USB dongle connected to Work PC and Bluetooth to Nexus 4 simultaneously.


The initial setup was very easy, via:

PC – Plug in USB, download Jabra Suite software (I’ll get to that later), wait for windows to install the drivers, turn on headset (by extending out the boom mic), wait 10secs and it connects itself. Very very user friendly.

Mobile – Turn on USB visibility on mobile, press and hold the answer button on the Jabra and extend out the boom mic, waiting for the voice command to say you are ready to pair, pair with phone, done. Again this was quite effortless if you know you way around your mobiles Bluetooth settings.



It states  6hrs talk time, and 360hrs of standby. I got through 3days without it having to worry about it. It uses Micro-USB to charge, so the same as most devices and phones.


The PC software was quite handy because you can set the wireless strength, as I have lots of wireless devices there was some initial interference that was fixed up straight away by changing the setting to “Very weak” I could still get about 15m between two walls and the call quality was still clear.

The android software was quite neat having a very handy voice dictator. (which I’ll be testing the usefulness of over the coming months)

Both software enabled a taskbar battery indicator switching between the connected phones, change the active noise cancellation, links to manuals and handy guides.

Jabra UC software

Day-2-day use:

Flicking between the two units is as simple as “click and hold from the headset”, or the software on both the PC and the android app worked effortlessly (not sure what it’s like on an iDevice). Calls between the PC and mobile didn’t require me to manually switch, it automatically switched with incoming calls. One press on the headset answer button and I’m connected, one more to hang up.

The call quality was perfect and no one even knew that I was on a mobile headset, I asked my colleagues who said it was just like a LAN line – which I was surprised about considering I was using a soft phone.

I’ve utilised it for a few tele-conferences and the active noise cancellation made for a seamless call (looking forward to test this in a noisy office next week). The flip-mic has a touch button that mutes the mic when in use, and activated the voice commands when not in a call. With my Android phone it activated Google Now. I found that this feature was of least use given how fluid flicking between calls were. I did however test it with Dragon Naturally speaking and worked swimmingly.


If you are a mobile or teleworker, or just looking for a light quality office headset that you can use seamlessly between you PC and mobile, this is for you.


  • Dual USB
  • Active Noise cancelation
  • Easy setup
  • Good Call/Standby times
  • Clear sound


  • Some may find it pricey
  • Voice command button should have been a feather touch, not press in button

2 thoughts on “Jabra Supreme UC – Hardware review

  1. I liked the idea of the “overear” type rather then the inner, or on-ear. Ive used the voyager in the past and wasn’t really fussed with it so thought I’d give this a go. The plantronics would have been the only other one I was looking at getting. The sennheniser ones didnt seem to have the feature set i was looking to achieve.

    I’ll be doing a few mobile jobs over the next three weeks so I’ll be sure to note any significant updates.


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