The most handy shortcut is back!

OneNote introduced a handy shortcut “WindowsKEY+S” which activated the snipped tool so you can take little snippets of your screen, and paste anywhere – outlook, gmail, word….  I now can not live without this shortcut, its just so handy! No more “Screenshot, open paint, crop, save as jpeg, etc etc”. 

When Windows 8.1 update came about WindowsKEY+S changed to “Windows search”… ARRGGHH!!!!! Its gone. There were some regkey edits you could do, and I soon had “WindowsKEY+A” as my new snippet shortcut. However with the latest updated of WIndows/office the native snippet too is back, “WindowsKEY+Shift+S”. Welcome back !



Thank-you Microsoft! 


Prepaid, the state of play

What seems like years ago now I joined up to an excellent mobile service called “Kogan Mobile”. For those that remember, this was a 5gb unlimited no frills plan for around $40/m. Kogan shook up the market and Telstra along with it. This mobile disruption was well overdue and 10s of thousands flocked to change over to the news service. Finally I had the freedom to use my android smart phone to the fullest. At the time I caught 1.5hrs of public transport to and from work and I felt I could finally flex my data – YouTube, Spotify, streaming anime & tv shows…. Life was grand. Then, as far as I know (who knows what really went down), Telstra kicked up a stink and threw Kogan and its customers into a legal loophole that shut down the service. Now that’s not why we are here, what I wish to discuss with you is what happen post-Kogan, what’s available*, or I should say “Not available”, in the this pre-paid void.

*Pre-Paid Comparison chart included.

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